Curve’s Danielle & Bambi vibrating double butt is unique for the fact it allows you to simulated a threesome. This means that it comes with an astounding 4 orifices, with the two vaginas featuring textured, colored labia (lips) and the anuses being nice and tight. What’s more, you get two sets of juicy butt-cheeks, made from Curve’s signature Bioskin, to smack and grip, heightening the experience even further.

The vibrating egg, featuring 3 speeds and 7 vibration settings, slides into one of the orifices you’re not using and is easily controlled via an attached remote. It’s also conveniently powered by 3 AAA batteries, which are easy to find in appliances and gadgets around the house, if you ever happen to run out of power in the middle of a session.


  • Four orifices
  • Good variety of settings
  • Open-ended design makes it easy to clean 


  • May be too tight, all-round, for some users