The Hot Shot rechargeable warming male masturbator successfully simulates the feeling of a blowjob, through a number of great features. The first is its warming feature, designed to simulate the feeling of the warm, inviting temperature of a mouth. This is greatly assisted by its vibration, which offers 6 pulsating patterns, and 3 intensity levels to keep things fresh. This vibration hones in on your head and frenulum (aka banjo string – the sensitive tissue connecting the head to the shaft), which feels sublime, and recreates the feeling of them being gently sucked and licked. 

Now, all this warming and vibrating needs to be powered somehow, and fortunately, the Hot Shot is rechargeable, with a 90-minute charge providing an hour of fun.


  • Multiple settings and self-warming feature
  • Travel lock, for added discretion
  • Rechargeable, no need to buy and replace batteries


  • Can be noisy, especially with lube
  • Lack of texture within internal canal