This masturbator is the popular sex toy brand Tenga’s vibrating model, providing the high-quality design and functionality the company is known for. For a start, like Tenga’s other toys, it doesn’t look very much like a sex toy, which is vital if discretion is important to me. More importantly, its form contributes to its function, making it incredibly easy and convenient to use.

For a start, the vibration is controlled via a single button, with you just needing to hold it to switch it on and off and press it to cycle through the 5 vibration modes. On the subject of vibration, in a similar fashion to the Fleshlight Vibro, the Tenga Zero Flip has two vibrating motors, with one at the top where you insert your penis and the other at the base, heightening the pleasure as you plunge further into the beautifully-textured canal. 

Secondly, it features a pressure pad on its side for easily controlling the level of suction you experience, which is particularly convenient. And lastly, it opens up, to make cleaning, and more crucially, drying easier. 

Also, the coup de grace – the cherry on top of all of this, is the fact it’s rechargeable, with 90 minutes of charge providing around 40 minutes of play. 


  • Discrete design
  • Highly-reputable brand 
  • Rechargeable
  • Varied internal texture


  • Vibration is a little noisy
  • May be a little tight for some users