The Eupho Syn is an interesting model, as although it looks, and feels like it’s tailor-made for those new to prostate play, it’s actually more suited for expert users.

For a start, there’s the Eupho Syn’s size and shape, which sees it equipped with a small head, narrow girth, and subtle bend, all of which looks ideal for beginners. However, its small size makes for easy insertion and greater movement, meaning those most experienced in contracting their rectum and hands-free prostate massage will get the most from it.

Secondly, there’s the matter of the Eupho Syn’s silicone coating, which actually makes other models in the range, like the Helix Syn, better for beginners, due to its softer texture. But that simply makes moving the massager around your anal passage that much more pleasant and is another feature experienced users will get a kick out of. What’s more, the Eupho Syn’s P-Tab is also coated in silicone, which makes for a more pleasant experience and is a reason it’s been named the Comfort Tab.

Pro – Size and texture make it easy to maneuver and can make for an intensely pleasurable experience for those well practiced in hands-free prostate play.

Con – May seem too small for experienced users who are used to thicker prostate massagers.