Just like the Helix Trident, the Helix Syn is based on the manufacturer’s original Helix model. However, instead, this model has been upgraded to make it as comfortable. As a result, it is one of the best prostate massagers for beginners. 

The main reason for this is the Helix Syn’s size and shape. Firstly, it’s nice and small, making for easy insertion and a manageable amount of pressure on the prostate. It has a small head and moderately-sized contours, which decrease in size as you get down towards the toy’s base. The result of this is that as you start to insert it into your rectum, the muscles in your anal passage will do the rest and gently suck it in. 

This is another factor which makes it perfect for beginners: you don’t have to think about it too much, your body will take over; a great way of getting used to prostate massage. Also, it has a very slight bend, much like the Euphos Syn, which also makes it easy to insert and move around.

Another reason it’s great for beginners is its silicone coating, which makes it rigid enough to be easily inserted and moved around but also gives it a soft texture that those new to prostate massage will appreciate. Also, its P-Tab, or Comfort Tab is also coated in silicone, making it far more comfortable to apply a bit of pleasant pressure to your perineum. 

This is in contrast to some of the other models, for which users complain the P-Tab is too hard; this way, beginners have a shot at experiencing the sensation of stimulating their perineum with a greater degree of comfort.

Pros – Perfect for beginners

Cons – Possible to outgrow this after a short time, if you’re a beginner that gets used to prostate massage quickly.