Just like the Helix Trident is an updated version of the original Helix, the MGX Trident is a reimagined version of the MGX Classic, part of Aneros’ first generation of toys. 
Although still made from the same high-quality plastic, improvements over the original include thicker, more rounded P and K tabs (which are now facing the same way) and Multi-Axial Motion Architecture (MAMA) for enhanced pleasure through a greater range of movement.

Another exciting feature the MGX Trident brings to the table is the ribbed part of its stem, towards the toy’s base. This means it actually offers something for both beginners and expert users alike: It’s a good model for beginners as it has a small head and a simple shape, which makes it easy to insert. Now, on the other hand, it’s appealing to experienced users as you have to be comfortable inserting a prostate massager a good distance into your anal canal to benefit from the ribbed section.

Pros – Suitable for both beginners and experts, ribbed stem for varied stimulation (for more experienced users)

Cons – Tabs can be uncomfortable, particularly P-tab