The Vice2 stands out as one of the only vibrating prostate massagers in Aneros’ range. Naturally, like all of Aneros’ sex toys, the Vice is elegantly designed, with that elegance even extending to the vibrating unit inside it. Running on AAA batteries, the vibrating unit is a slim, sleek, silver rod that effortlessly slides in and out of the Vice. Best of all, it offers three vibration modes, each with three levels of intensity, for 9 different sensations to enjoy during prostate play. However, unlike some other vibrating toys, the Vice’s unit is quiet, which allows for a little discretion, if you need it.

What’s more, even if you take away it’s vibrating function, the Vice is still a well-designed prostate massager. It has a thick, bulbous design, with a thick head and a bulbous body that results in a pleasant ‘pop’ sensation as you move it up and down your anal passage. However, this sensation is reserved for intermediate to advanced users, as it’s a pretty big toy for beginners. That being said, it’s made of the same smooth, silicone coating as the Syn range, which offers a little more comfort.

Pros – 9 modes of vibration, gorgeous design 

Cons – Too big for inexperienced users, even if they’re attracted to the vibrating aspect.